The 2018 Cluny Hill Dig is organised by:

The Friends of the Falconer Museum

We gratefully acknowledge financial support from:

In 2018 the Cluny Hill Dig is kindly supported by:

In 2017 the Cluny Hill Dig was kindly supported by:

A large number of people and organizations have helped us get this far. We would very much like to thank:

Extra special thanks go to Christine Markussen and Mary Saunders for their major contributions to site survey and excavation in 2016 and 2017.

We also thank all the volunteers of the 2017 excavation season: John Barrett, Jilly Blackhurst, Anthony Buxton, Christine Clerk, Johnnie Gallacher, Jennifer Gow, Anji Hancock, Paul Hancock, Heather Hayter, Paul Johnson, Amber Kenny, Morag MacDonald, James McComas Annette McKittrick, Nick Molnar, Lorna Morrison, Nikki Outen, Harvey Paul, Christine (Chris) Preece, Graham Robertson, Gordon Scott, Joanne Stavert, Mark Thompson & Peter Wight.

Personal thanks are due to Tom Abram, George Alexander, Alan Blackburn, India Brown, Paul Cripps, Christopher Fleet, Olive Geddes, David Gullick, Claire Herbert, Billy Laing, Gary Lock, Peter McKeague, Rhona McQueen, Colin Matheson, Kirsteen Mulhern, James Nock, Jessica Ogden, Zoe Pollock, Allan Rennie, Emma Robbie, Heather Shaw, Janet Trythall, Hilary White, Holly Willmott and Andrew Wright, all of whom went out of their way in providing important evidence, comment and support.