Day 10: Digging in the dark

Today was WET, and over on the cold side of the hill, under the thick beech canopy, it was DARK. Digging with a 215 lumens head torch in the middle of a June day was not an experience I had anticipated. Trench E is the trench that keeps on giving, which would be fantastic, if… Continue reading Day 10: Digging in the dark


Day 4: Digging in the be(a)ch

Work on site continued apace today, with the main development being that a further trench was opened by Leanne and Graham, bringing the total number of trenches to four. Back in trench A, the most significant developments were the identification of the ditch cut at the northern end of the trench, together with a band… Continue reading Day 4: Digging in the be(a)ch

A bit about me, by Mary Saunders

My name is Mary Saunders and I have been an archaeologist of sorts for around 15 years. After studying for an archaeology degree at Durham and developing a real interest in survey, geophysics and GIS, I took myself off to Bradford for a Masters in Archaeological Prospection (shallow surface geophysics). This led to work with… Continue reading A bit about me, by Mary Saunders