A bit about me, by Mary Saunders


My name is Mary Saunders and I have been an archaeologist of sorts for around 15 years. After studying for an archaeology degree at Durham and developing a real interest in survey, geophysics and GIS, I took myself off to Bradford for a Masters in Archaeological Prospection (shallow surface geophysics). This led to work with GSB Prospection (aka geofizz on Time Team) for a couple of years. Doing predominantly commercial geophysical surveys felt a bit divorced from the actual archaeology so I took a pay cut and a gamble and moved to Oxford for a short term contract with Oxford Archaeology as a digger. As is the way of things, it was soon discovered that I knew the right end of a Total Station and I ended up in the Geomatics Department (where I met Leif), eventually becoming a full time member of their staff. The itchy feet then took me to Orkney, where I worked firstly for ORCA geophysics unit and latterly for ORCA itself, often doing work in advance of renewable developments. Away from the commercial work, I was part of a team who developed a digital means of examining structured animal bone deposition at the Ness of Brodgar. After 6 years on a small island, it was time to move on again, so I embarked on a PhD looking at a prehistoric landscape around Grassington in the Yorkshire Dales, utilising all my previously gained survey, geophysics and GIS skills in the process. Having handed in the big bound book earlier in June, I have no idea what happens next!


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