Ironworking at Cluny Hill

Dr Gemma Cruickshanks, National Museums Scotland I was lured up to Cluny Hill in September 2018 with the promise of Iron Age ironworking evidence . . . and was not disappointed! During the previous season a scatter of ironworking slag had been revealed around a hearth which was then radiocarbon dated to between the 4th and 1st centuries BC. Naturally, I made a bee-line for… Continue reading Ironworking at Cluny Hill

Highland Archaeology Festival Conference 2017 display, including radiocarbon dating results

This is the display we created for the Highland Archaeology Festival Conference in Inverness, October 2017. By Michael Sharpe The display is a brief summary of the results of the 2017 excavations, including the results of the radiocarbon dating.  Most of you by now will know that we found evidence of the enclosing ditch in… Continue reading Highland Archaeology Festival Conference 2017 display, including radiocarbon dating results

Day 9: Questions & Answers (but mostly Questions)

Wednesday was a little mixed weather-wise with moments of beautiful sunshine, and a bright blue Moray Firth, but in among the trees at the top of the hill it was cold and dark. Brrrr. It was also a day in which the trenches seemed to throw up as many questions as they provided answers... In Trench D… Continue reading Day 9: Questions & Answers (but mostly Questions)