Day 11: Th-th-that’s all folks!

A slightly delayed blog post for our final day on site, as it's been a busy weekend transporting kit, driving to airports, and planning for post-excavation analysis. While much of Friday was spent backfilling trenches and tidying up the site (leaving the hill as close as possible to how we found it), we were still… Continue reading Day 11: Th-th-that’s all folks!


Day 9: Questions & Answers (but mostly Questions)

Wednesday was a little mixed weather-wise with moments of beautiful sunshine, and a bright blue Moray Firth, but in among the trees at the top of the hill it was cold and dark. Brrrr. It was also a day in which the trenches seemed to throw up as many questions as they provided answers... In Trench D… Continue reading Day 9: Questions & Answers (but mostly Questions)

Day 7: Positive Parallels from Negative Features?

It was a wee bit colder this morning and some woollen hats made an appearance, with shorts in equal measure too (they breed them hardy in Moray). Usual smiles all around and an eagerness to get going suggested a nice and relaxing day off yesterday was had by all. We packed the wheelbarrows and trundled… Continue reading Day 7: Positive Parallels from Negative Features?

Days 5 and 6 – Wind, Sand and Visitors!

Friday started with the discovery that our marquee had suffered heavily from the onslaught of wind and rain overnight, with many poles bent or disconnected and the whole thing in a state of partial collapse.  But thanks to the skills of our intrepid and indefatigable Canadian woodsman Michael, all was soon well.  With fallen branches,… Continue reading Days 5 and 6 – Wind, Sand and Visitors!

Our possible saddle quern fragment and the difficulty of dating ditches

Here are some closeups of the possible saddle quern fragment found by John Barrett on Day 5 in Trench A.  An appropriate find for John, and his digging partner Christine, as they have more than a passing interest in querns! If it was part of a saddle quern, it takes us a step closer to… Continue reading Our possible saddle quern fragment and the difficulty of dating ditches

A bit about me, by Christine Markussen

My name is Christine Markussen and I’ve been working as a professional archaeologist for just about 20 years. I started as a field technician in 1998 and quickly developed a love for all things spatial within archaeology. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology from a small college in Durango, Colorado. I started my journey… Continue reading A bit about me, by Christine Markussen

A bit about me, by Mary Saunders

My name is Mary Saunders and I have been an archaeologist of sorts for around 15 years. After studying for an archaeology degree at Durham and developing a real interest in survey, geophysics and GIS, I took myself off to Bradford for a Masters in Archaeological Prospection (shallow surface geophysics). This led to work with… Continue reading A bit about me, by Mary Saunders